MBA Admissions Consulting Services

Client Services

We offer a number of service options that are designed to provide our clients with the best experience possible.  Our services are one-on-one and we only work with a limited clients per admission round to ensure a quality experience.  Typically, our services are especially popular with finance, banking, IT or management consulting professionals who need someone to help pull them through the admissions process while understanding the professional challenges that come with these industries.

  • Full Engagement– Our complete service for those applying to top MBA programs.  This service is led by an expert admissions consultant who serves as the manager throughout the client life cycle.
  • Individual Services – Ala carte services that allow the client to tailor their consulting experience to suit a specific need.

Start with a Complimentary Consultation – schedule a one-hour long consultation with a member of our team.  This initial diagnostic session is designed to assess your MBA candidacy and serves as a stepping stone towards any future engagement.

We target our services to clients who require “white glove” guidance and who are in fact competitive at a top 25 MBA program.  Due to the depth and complexity of our services we will not extend these services to those who are not competitive at these top programs.